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Our Process for a Successful Book

Get an Estimate.
Let us know about your book and how you would like it printed

Account Setup, Order Quantity & Send us your files.
This link has all the information to set up and account, place an order and upload files.

Print A Proof.
Within two business days of receiving approval on your files we will print and send to you an unbound proof copy of the cover and text to ensure the book will look how you want it.

Approve &Start Printing.
Send us an approval note and we get started on printing your order.


Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can my book be published?

We are actually a book manufacturer, not a publisher. We leave the publishing to you.

How long does it normally take to complete my order?

We proof within 24 to 48 hours of receiving your files. Once you approve your proof it will generally take us 10 business days to produce your order. Most softcover books ship in 6 business days, hardcover in 10 business days. Be sure to take shipping time into account as well. You can ask us about expedited services, though there can be additional costs for this.

What is the book printing process?

The book printing process starts with your text and cover files. One of our operators takes your cover file, examines it for quality control issues and then sends it to our color printer to be printed. Once your cover is finished printing and inspected, it is then taken over to be laminated in either a gloss finish or a matte finish. Meanwhile, another operator takes and examines your text file, selects the paper you requested and your text file is run through our other printers and cut down to nearly final size. The cover for your book and your block of text is sent over to our perfect binder operator who then binds the cover to your text. Your book is then cut down to its final size and either picked up or shipped off to you.

I received my proof in the mail and there is something wrong with it. What do I do now?

We would advise you to make the necessary changes to the text and/or cover and send us your revised text and/or cover. We can make the changes for you, but there will be an additional charge. After the necessary changes are made, we strongly recommend requesting another proof even though there is an additional charge for any proof following the first one. Sometimes changing one error can cause other errors later on in your text file or positioning of your cover, so it is beneficial to you to get a second/third/fourth/etc. proof to make sure that your final product is error free. For issues with color or any other issue that is part of our printing process, please contact us to make the changes.

Where are your prices located?

We do not post our prices online because there are too many factors to make a standardized pricing system. Our quotes are customized to get you the best possible price in regards to your book’s size, text paper weight, lamination type, binding type and cover stock. Even changing the number of books you order can change your price per book.

What size should my book be? Do you do odd sizes?

We print our books in several sizes:

Most Popular Sizes
6 x 9 inches: This is a common novel size used for US trade paperbacks.  You will see this size book in your local bookstore mostly as a nonfiction book, but it can be used for fiction if you like a little more book in your hand!
8.4 x 10.8 inches: This is the most cost effective and most common size for full size books, manuals, workbooks and softcover texts.
8.5 x 11 inches: This size is known as a “standard catalog” size and it can be used for any of your big book needs.   Most of our full color books are this size.
Other less common sizes are available for specific uses:
4.25 x 6.876 inches: This is a good size for mass market fiction books or if you want your book to fit in your pocket!
5.5 x 8.5 inches: A condensed digest-sized fiction or nonfiction book, but most commonly seen as a fiction book.
Special sizes:  Do you prefer squares over rectangles?  Is there a special comic book or graphic novel you want in a double-sized print edition?  Do you want your book to fit inside your shirt or coat pocket?  Are our sizes too small for you?  Ask us about our special sizes.  We will do our best to get your book the size you want it!

What kind of paper should I choose for my text? Or cover?

We offer many different types of paper from 50 pound natural to 100 pound opaque.  The most frequently used paper weight for text is 60# Opaque.
The most popular paper for your cover is 10pt or 12 pt.  Most covers are printed on white 10pt, but we can use special paper for an additional cost.

Are there different options for binding?

Yes. Our most popular option is perfect binding (paperback books), but we also offer hard cover case binding, plastic color coil (like cookbooks, etc, with a coiled spine), wire-o double loop wire and saddle stitch (anything folded and stapled “magazine style).

Do you have a minimum/maximum quantity?

Our minimum quantity per order is 100 books. Contact us for special runs over 2000 books.

Can you print full color text pages? Do you do a combination of color and black pages?

Yes and Yes. We can print your pages digitally and in full color. We also offer “hybrid color” a cost-effective mixture of color pages and black &white pages.

Do you design covers?

We leave designing covers up to you. We have instructions on how to layout a cover and a link to a program that works with Microsoft Word to easily layout your book located on our website. There is also a link to a program called Book Design Wizard that will help you design and layout your cover. Plus, our Ready for Print Resources page has links for help with cover designs.


What dimensions should I use for my cover?

The link to this excel tool is handy to determine the spine thickness and the dimensions to allow for bleed for your cover.

Is there a template that I can use to help me better design the cover and text of my book?

We have instructions on how to layout a cover here and a link to a program that works with Microsoft Word to easily layout your book here. There is also a link to a program called Book Design Wizard that will help you design and layout your cover. Our Ready for Print Resources page has great information.

Do I need an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) number or a copyright?

You do not need either, but if you plan to sell your book in a bookstore or see your book in a library, you need an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to put on the back of your cover. The ISBN you obtain is unique to your book and will essentially copyright your material. You do not need to copyright your material separately. The United States has laws protecting intellectual property as soon as it is written or printed. To obtain an ISBN, go to to buy an ISBN and register your book.  Our Ready for Print Resources page has links to firms that sell ISBN numbers.

Can you print from my Microsoft Word files?

Unfortunately, no, there are too many variables (fonts, spacing, line breaks, etc.) to print a professional looking book.  Our process is based on print ready pdf files that you provide.

What is a pdf file and how do I make one?

PDF is a format developed by Adobe to present documents, including text formatting and images, in a manner independent of applications. Our Ready for Print Resources page has tips on the best way to make a print ready pdf file.

My pdf is low-res, how do I fix that?

A low-res pdf is either referring to images inside your book or your cover. For more information please click here for a great article on editing pictures inside your book.

What are your terms in regard to payment?

Our traditional payment is 50% down and the remaining 50% when your book ships. You can pay with credit card or by check.  

What types of shipping are available to me?

Our carrier partner is FedEX. You are also welcome to pick up your books at our Dallas facility. 

How do I reprint my book?

Just contact us and we will give you a new quote. We save all books on our document server.

I have questions other than these FAQs, who do I contact?

You can email us at and we would be happy to help you with any questions you have.

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